Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

operational analytics

High performing organizations have their pulse on what is going on in real-time and are continuously learning how to execute better.

Project managers need to understand which jobs are coming, which are currently underway live, or which have been done. They eventually need to adjust as well and make changes on what was planned to be executed. Learning organizations are continuously reviewing operational data to make adjustments, or to improve real-time job data guidance to maximize operational efficiencies.

FieldLogs Operations Center seamlessly provides an overview of the most relevant activities across operations. It also enables a wide range of operational adjustments. FieldLogs Analytics provides powerful capabilities to define custom metrics, monitor them over time and make required changes.

✔ Out-of-the-box series of analytics✔ Operations overview✔ Dynamic Analytics views
✔ Configurable analytics — time and/or data specific ✔ Quick reaction to unforeseen operational situations✔ In-line analytics information
✔ Real-time analytics computation✔ Detailed drilling✔ Out-of-the box standard operations analytics
✔ Operation center capabilities
✔ Wide range of APIs

At a Glance

  • Real-time — Instantaneous Operations Overview

  • Reactive — Take action as needed

  • Configurable — Build the analytical view you need

  • Accessible — Wide range of APIs to access the data, integrated into your Enterprise dashboards

operational analytics

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