Industrial Procedures Authoring

Industrial Procedures Authoring

industrial procedures authoring

Core to manned industrial or field processes, smart procedural guidance and related data capture is the bedrock of how enterprises succeed. The challenges are many, ranging from industrial procedures authoring, governance, live multi-source data integration, team collaboration, integration in one’s IT ecosystem, or reporting & analytics.

FieldLogs enables your Enterprise digital transformation by providing an end-to-end solution for industrial procedures authoring. Our solution allows you to keep your procedural assets updated, including in complex regulatory settings dealing with external, regularly updated, OEM documentation. It also enables you to task ahead routine operations or react on-demand to different situations. Finally, FieldLogs allows you to integrate complex data sets for optimal operational execution, analytics, & learning.

The FieldLogs Editor lets you build seamlessly complex and large scale sets of procedures, which intelligently adapt to dynamic or regulatory configuration rules as well as fuse business objects or sensor data. These procedures are also meant to be adapted to your customized needs, so as to get widespread operational efficiencies.

✔ Enterprise scale team-based authoring & governance✔ Consolidated & actionable procedure library✔ Smart procedure library, unified operations guidance & data capture
✔ Embedded viewer simulator✔ Key infrastructure enabler for learning organizations✔ Define once, reuse everywhere enterprise knowledge base
✔ Asset characteristic aware✔ Consolidated access & interpretation of multi-source, heterogeneous documentation✔ OEM product documentation integration, including revision management
✔ S1000D/SGML/iSpec2200✔ Disciplined, version controlled, flexible enterprise knowledge
✔ Rich output options & styling
✔ Enhanced capabilities with javascript for data, sensor, analytics & AI algorithm fusion

At a Glance

  • Team — Concurrent authoring at scale

  • Managed  — Revision history and authoring life-cycle

  • Asset aware — Manages effectivity/configuration natively

  • Integration  — Fuses data from any source

  • Knowledge  — Build and maintain practical knowledge

  • Front line — Collect and integrate enhancement feedback

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industrial procedures authoring