The Digital Field Execution Platform

Standardize Work & Field Data Capture
to the Last Mile

With FieldLogs, organizations define and manage how they want their workforce to perform their actual jobs when in the field or on the factory floor.
Our award winning UX then guides your workforce to excellent delivery.
You continuously optimize your operation using the in-context, evidentiary, and granular data captured.

Drive your workforce to perform consistently in the field by standardizing your processes.
Capture all field operation data and collaborate within Teams in real-time.
Build practice libraries on how you deliver your customer value.

FieldLogs closes the loop to the last mile between what really happens in the field and your IT systems.

Digitize it. Mobilize it. Manage through the Cloud.
Experience FieldLogs all-in-one dramatic Enterprise TCO reduction.


Applicable to a wide variety of domains




Oil & Gas





Field Data Collection


Non-profit (NGOs)

And many more...


Enable your processes to the last mile


  • Supports fully disconnected mode in the field
  • Operation and Tasks Dashboard
  • Real-time Job sharing and Team collaboration
  • Start & Resume Jobs across all devices including Google Glass
  • Post completion Job edition Full history retained
  • ‘Google-like’ Search anywhere
  • Process prototyping - observe and capture raw Jobs, convert to a FieldLogs process via the Editor
  • Web-based field or shop floor process editor (in FieldLogs, a process is a Template)(Write-once, run anywhere)
  • Full feature definition language including conditions, loops, and complete JavaScript-based SDK
  • Time & GPS-stamping of all actions
  • Full-media support (video, photo, etc.) across all actions - at design & run-time
  • Broad Field Data Capture options
  • Dynamic Map KML integration
  • Complementary focus: Map vs. Tasks emphasis.
  • Internationalize in over 80 languages
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the Runtime


Enterprise Strength for the Mobile Workforce


  • Organization structure definition
  • Project management and synchronized data sets
  • Planning, scheduling (an option) and dynamic, team-based job assignment Includes Job assignment exceptions and delegation/proxy
  • Enterprise roles & rules on all main Enterprise objects
  • Audit trail on all authorization and organization design changes
  • "Google-like" Enterprise level search
  • Monitor your workforce jobs in real-time
  • Group and help desk chat integration
  • Multi-user process development support through custom governance workflows
  • Embed any complex field/shop floor decision model in processes; run them disconnected when mobile
  • Enterprise-wide object model available for process design
  • Integrate your smart tooling in real-time and influence the processes
  • OEM (“White Labelling”) and styling option available
  • Enterprise report management
  • Enterprise Identity Management Integration
  • ESB integration ready
  • Ready for MDM deployment
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the Inbox


  • Made for the Cloud first, Mobile first
  • Native Smartphone, Tablet, Google Glass support.
  • Browser support: Chrome, Firefox, IE
  • Rich, granular and stateless API set for data access
  • Full API set for dynamic Template generation
  • Secure, HTTPS communication throughout all communication paths
  • Data encryption
  • Multi-tiered system ("Grid-like") architecture for high availability on Amazon Web Services
  • Secured data back-ups on Amazon Web Services
  • Built for high volume media capture and brokering See continuing video capture on Google Glass during job execution
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the Template Editor


Available on Google

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Run FieldLogs Templates in an all new way

  • Complete and seamless integration with FieldLogs®
  • Start a Job on the web or mobile clients, continue on Glass (resume Jobs across devices)
  • Real-time Job sharing
  • Hands-free execution Transcribed Operative Dictation
  • First person replay of executed Jobs (e.g., for mentoring)
  • Full video & sound recording (optional) while executing a Job
  • Native Android App. Complete offline mode support.
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