ATA/iSpec2200/S1000D Integration

ATA, iSpec 2200 & S1000D Integration Solutions

S1000D ATA iSpec Software
S1000D ATA iSpec Software

The industrial standards S1000D and SGML/iSpec2200/ATA2200 have played a central role in Aviation as well as growing roles in other sectors. They are the basis for many OEM Technical Publications.

FieldLogs natively supports these standards and leverages them to truly digitize the procedures into step-by-step instructions to perform required tasks. FieldLogs also provides best-in-class browsing and search options. In addition, a smart OEM revision integration process is supported in tandem with the procedures customizations you may have performed.

FieldLogs thus enables the use of truly digital OEM content, together with your required customizations (really, your optimizations) in any operational context. Our revision management process allows your organization to be compliant to regulations in record time, with proof via our audit trail.

✔ Supports S1000D/iSpec2200/ATA2200✔ Assets & situations aware✔ Interactive, step by step instructions
✔ Great range of task cards customization options✔ Comply much faster to new OEM manual revisions✔ (optional): Make FieldLogs in effect your system of record for your IPC, Tools & Consumables
✔ Native management of configuration & effectivity✔ Leverage any standard compliant content at the detailed operation’s level
✔ Full OEM content revision management, including incremental updates
✔ Technical Manuals architecture support for OEM manual sets
✔ “Long running job” support to enforce OEM Manuals version compatibility

At a Glance

  • Compliance — Adopt OEM content in record time, with full audit trail

  • Customization — Write once & reconcile quickly with successive OEM content revisions

  • Configuration/Effectivity — Full management & traceability to ERP integration options

  • Edition — (optional) Directly manage your tools, consumables & IPCs

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S1000D ATA iSpec Software
S1000D ATA iSpec Software