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Oil & Gas – Digital Field Operating Procedures

oil gas digitalization procedures

Field services in the industry are growing in complexity and this requires more and more integrated digitalization. Doing the job right and audit trails needs drive the specification of planned or even unplanned activities in manners that can be used to guide what teams of workers need to do to operate field jobs.

FieldLogs for Oil & Gas understands the diversity of processes workers face in the field and is tuned to support them digitally, collaboratively and whether connected or disconnected.

The resulting work benefits from strong efficiencies, safety and quality attributes that together with the ability to audit what has happened in job provides the key strategic value services or operating companies are looking for.

Features Benefits Deliverable
✔ State-of-the-art work instructions editor with ERP and sensor integration capabilities✔ Do the job right, on time and on budget✔ Connect your front-line worker with all s/he needs to perform the job
✔ Smart revision management✔ Uniform job operation✔ Smart libraries of work instructions
✔ Bottom hole tooling variant configuration and calibration✔ Field data capture and relevant learnings✔ Real-time collaboration
✔ Team-based work job execution in real-time✔ Training and job simulation platform✔ Disconnected work
✔ Access to engineering documentation in context, 3D models and powerful search✔ Configurable platform

At a Glance

  • Fully fledged Work Instructions platform

  • Asset aware operations and field data collection

  • Planned or Unplanned Operations Plans

  • Disconnected or Real-time team collaboration and support when connected

  • Training Simulation

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oil gas digitalization procedures